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The Apple Auditorium

Why is this auditorium so exciting?

I guess because it is underground and it is part of the future Apple campus. Just look at it!

(via CultOfMac)

Tim Cook, Himself

Michael Grothaus interacted with Tim cook and relates his experience. The world around me disappeared as I read this well-written article. After giving us a glimpse into the man, he ends with this.

No one can ever replace Steve Jobs, the man, the genius. But Apple is not only Steve Jobs, no matter what anyone thinks. Apple is the interns and executive assistants; it’s the retail employees and the designers; it’s the marketing and PR departments, it’s Scott Forstall and Jonathan Ive; Bob Mansfield and Phil Schiller; it’s the dozens of other names you see on all those Apple patents that we talk about every week. Apple is not any single one of these people. It is the sum of them all, run by a leader who possesses enough wisdom to know that everyone in the company matters, that everyone’s concerns are valid and deserve attention. Tim Cook is such a leader.

via Tim Cook: my first-person impression of Apple’s new CEO | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Mac OS X Lion Allows Virtualized Installs

Apple is licensing Mac OS X Lion so that it can be installed into a virtualized environment. How great is that! Here is Daniel Jalkut explaining the code the implements the licensing rule. It makes the geek in me smile.

Perhaps the most heartwarming bit of code in this relatively complex document is a small function call from the start of the test for whether the install should be allowed on this computer:

function isSupportedPlatform{
if isVirtualMachine {
return true;

It has already been announced that Lion 10.7 will finally support virtualization, e.g. with the use of products such as VMWare or Parallels. This install-time test seems to drive home how true that is.

via Red Sweater Blog – Get Lion.

It Just Works

MG Siegler for Techcrunch:

With iCloud, Apple is transforming the cloud from an almost tangible place that you visit to find your stuff, to a place that only exists in the background. It’s never seen. You never interact with it, your apps do — and you never realize it. It’s magic.

If you want to know why developers’ jaws were collectively hitting the floor during the keynote where Steve Jobs introduced iCloud, this article gives some insight.

The magic of iCloud is that your digital life is everywhere you need it to be. You don’t need to care about how it got there.

via my brilliant cousin Andy