The Free Productivity Tool for Visual LANSA Developers

Visual LANSA is the Integrated Development Environment for LANSA. If you code in RDML or RDMLX, Visual LANSA is most likely where you live and breathe.

As a general rule, most developers believe in the importance of reducing the friction around coding tasks to more easily get into the zone. Underflow is the developer tool that reduces much of the friction that comes from interacting with Visual LANSA. It is actively being developed and is currently in open beta.

Feature Highlights

  • Underflow Open: Highlight the name of your LANSA object in any Windows application (Word, Excel, Email, VL Editor) then open it in Visual LANSA with one keystroke. It even answers the Read Only dialog for you. Within a few months, this one feature saved the Underflow developer hours of time.
  • Underflow Templates: No mouse required. Create a new subroutine with “.sub”, a basic function with “.func”, comments with “.=” and “.-“.
  • Underflow Capitalization, Spelling and Grammar: Automatically fixes common typing mistakes. LANSA, RDML, RDMLX, and HTML are always capitalized. Proper capitalization of Visual LANSA by typing “vvll”.
  • Underflow Compile: Compile with one keystroke taking the defaults on the compile options screen.
  • Underflow Check In: Check in with one keystroke taking the defaults on the check in options screen.
  • Underflow Launch and Init: One keystroke brings the Visual LANSA application to the front. If it is not running, it will be launched. Another keystroke performs a system init, launches the IDE, and starts your host monitor.
  • Active Development: Additional features are in development and the suggestion box is open.

System Requirements

  • Underflow is a script that requires the AutoHotkey scripting environment to be installed on your machine.

Download Underflow

Use the link below to download Underflow.

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