Stellarwell has contracted with several companies to bring apps to market in the iOS app store.  We can take your project from where you are to success.  We have access to top-tier talent for graphic design, UI/UX design, and coding.

We are passionate about building beauty into everything we do and we have the knowledge and experience necessary to bring your idea to life.

One organization had an app that was mis-managed and slapped together.  They fired the developer and asked us to help.  When we were done, it was immediately approved by Apple and is seeing great adoption.

Another organization asked us to build a touch engine and two applications based on it.  Their desire is noble: to make the roads safer by keeping people’s eyes on the road instead of on their phone.  Once we were done, they added two additional apps to their app family using the touch engine we built and documented.

We would like the opportunity to make your project a success.