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Google Fiber Is The Very Best Of Google

MG Siegler on Google Fiber:

Amazing. Bravo, Google. Now please bring this everywhere in the U.S. and force the cable companies to get busy innovating or get busy dying.

Agreed. An extra helping of disruption, please!

Person:TheMatrix as EV:Grid

You are in charge of managing the electric power grid with its cycles of spikes and surplus. How do you even it out? Well, why not use the large batteries that exist within every electric vehicle?

Katie Fehrenbacher for GigaOm:

The power grid is in a constant state of flux, and utilities routinely have to manage supply and demand to keep the grid balanced. But since there isn’t much energy storage attached to the grid, utilities sometimes have to do this by taking measures such as firing up diesel generators on demand. But dozens of electric vehicles plugged into the grid, and managed properly, could provide these services. At the same time, utilities could pay the car owners involved in these projects, and the car owners could recoup some of the cost of electric cars, which are still pretty expensive.

She also mentions how Tom Gage, the guy behind the Tesla Roadster drive train and other significant EV technologies, has a new company called EV Grid that will tackle these Vehicle to Grid (V2G) issues.