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The Mac App Store’s future of irrelevance –

Marco Arment:

The Mac App Store is in significant danger of becoming an irrelevant, low-traffic flea market where buyers rarely venture for serious purchases. And I bet that’s not what Apple had in mind at all.


My only reason for opening the Mac App Store is for purchasing software from Apple (Aperture rocks) and for Software Update. Utilities and productivity apps, which are my typical purchases, are the most hobbled by these restrictions from Apple so, like Marco, I’ve been purchasing them directly from the vendors.

As much as I want the low-friction features enabled by iCloud, I am not willing to put up with less awesomeness in apps.

Mountain Lion

Apple has announced the next version of Mac OS X called Mountain Lion which brings more of iOS to OS X. The article I enjoyed most was from John Gruber of Daring Fireball who was invited to a private one-on-one announcement last week.

And then the reveal: Mac OS X — sorry, OS X — is going on an iOS-esque one-major-update-per-year development schedule. This year’s update is scheduled for release in the summer, and is ready now for a developer preview release. Its name is Mountain Lion.

My favorite feature: Deep iCloud integration including an updated Finder and Open/Save dialogs that include all your documents stored in the cloud.

My second favorite feature: The new app called Messages. Send and receive iMessages just like you do on your iOS device. This app is going to be available soon (they said today but there appears to be a problem) for Lion users on the Mac App Store.

I love that I ran across absolutely no rumors on this subject prior to the announcement. How refreshing!

Vote for Best App at MacStories

MacStories is my new favorite Apple-centric web site. The site looks great and they write articles that catch my interest. They are currently running a Best Apps of 2011 voting contest. Vote for the best iPhone, iPad, and Mac app of 2011 and you can win one or more app promo codes. You have to give them your email address but that allows them to contact you if you are a winner.

If they asked me which one I would choose, it would be the Alfred Powerpak. Alfred is my favorite post-Quicksilver app launcher and handyman.

Go vote.

Mac OS X Lion Allows Virtualized Installs

Apple is licensing Mac OS X Lion so that it can be installed into a virtualized environment. How great is that! Here is Daniel Jalkut explaining the code the implements the licensing rule. It makes the geek in me smile.

Perhaps the most heartwarming bit of code in this relatively complex document is a small function call from the start of the test for whether the install should be allowed on this computer:

function isSupportedPlatform{
if isVirtualMachine {
return true;

It has already been announced that Lion 10.7 will finally support virtualization, e.g. with the use of products such as VMWare or Parallels. This install-time test seems to drive home how true that is.

via Red Sweater Blog – Get Lion.