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Hands On with Shoebox for the iPhone by 1000Memories – Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

Dick Eastman:

You can find any number of applications that allow you to take pictures of pictures, using the iPhone’s camera. In fact, even the standard iPhone without any extra software will do that. What makes Shoebox different, however, is its ability to automatically detect the edges of a photo and then quickly crop and straighten the photo accordingly. Even if the picture was not perfectly aligned with the camera when the iPhone picture is taken, Shoebox will correct the alignment and show a picture that is perfectly aligned.

1000Memories has a relationship with The Internet Archive so all information is publicly accessible, presumably, forever.


11 Essential Genealogy Blogs

11 Essential Genealogy Blogs | Indian Country Today Media

With so much fervor and passion for genealogy online, it’s hardly surprising that the community of genealogy bloggers is lively and always growing. And as with everything on the internet, there are so many options it’s hard to know where to begin.

Amen to that. I have more than a passing interest in genealogy and look for sites that help a newbie like me become more intelligent on the subject.  This post lists a number of good genealogy blogs which I look forward to reviewing.