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Europe Will Require New Vehicles to Include Autonomous Self-Braking System | Popular Science

Clay Dillow at Popular Science:

New rules coming down from the European Commission will require all commercial vehicles to be fitted with autonomous emergency braking AEB technology by November 2013, and passenger vehicles could soon follow suit.

It begins. Baby steps toward the self-driving vehicle.


Microsoft Surface tablet cover

Jason Kottke:

That keyboard cover thing is a fantastic idea…the first iPad accessory maker to rip that off is going to make a fortune.

Yep. I’ll be first in line. I received the new iPad for Father’s Day and it needs a cover. I want THAT one!


Camp Stove Charges Your Phone, Cooks Your Goose : Discovery News

Discovery News on a USB-charging camp stove:

This stove has design, function and engineering packed into a small package. Roughly the size of a large plastic water bottle, it works by harvesting the heat energy fromĀ  burning wood to create electricity to power a small fan; the fan increases the efficiency of the wood combustion generating even more heat and energy. The extra heat increases the boiling/cooking potential on top of the stove, while the extra electrical energy can be used to power an LED light or charge a USB device.

This is the kind of survival gear that I can get into.

Print Your Next iPhone Case From Your iPhone

Mike Schramm at The Unofficial Apple Weblog:

The app isn’t quite as open as the web interface (you can’t just upload your own 3D files), but it does allow you to create custom 3D objects like pre-designed mugs, vases, or even iPhone cases, then customize those things directly from your phone. Created items usually cost from $30 to $40; once created, iOS users can order items right from their devices with immediate shipment.

The idea of printing my next iPhone case from my iPhone sounds cool to the geek in me. I am also keeping an eye on MakerBot which just announced their new Replicator model. 3D printing is coming and it is going to be a big deal.