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Hello Underflow

Underflow is the productivity tool for Visual LANSA developers.  It was born out of my deep desire to reduce friction and repetition when working with Visual LANSA.  Here are a couple of examples that I use many times every day.

  • Use a single keystroke to open Visual LANSA, to open LANSA Composer, to open a Lansa object in VL, to compile a function, to check in a function, or to reset the host monitor.
  • “vvll” expands into “Visual LANSA”.
  • LANSA, RDML, RDMLX, iSeries, IFS, HTML, and AutoHotkey are properly capitalized.

The Underflow page contains the download link and more examples.  The only requirement is that AutoHotkey (free) must be installed on your machine.

This is a tool created by me for me.  If you try it, I am honored. If you use it, I am overjoyed.  If you tell me, I am grateful.

New Stellarwell Series on Lansa Tips

One way to increase productivity is to learn more about the software we use on a daily basis so that we can bend it to our will.  I have appreciated the tips that my peers have passed on over the years and have decided to give something back.  Today, here on the StellarWell blog, I am going to start a new recurring Lansa tips series.


Welcome to StellarWell!  We are excited that you came by and would like the opportunity to discuss Enterprise and Mobile Development with you.