LinkedIn drops Xobni support

Like many others that work in IT professionally, I live in Outlook during the day. One of the plugins that has lightened the email burden is Xobni because it connects my contacts to their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and also to Evernote. My favorite feature is how Xobni shows me all of the latest attachments from each contact for quick access. It is an amazing time-saver. Imagine my frustration when the LinkedIn integration stopped working a week ago. Now imagine my frustration when I searched for the reason and found that LinkedIn no longer allows Xobni access to my data.

This is so frustrating to me. Here is my short message to the Tent community:

Dear LinkedIn: Why did you drop support for Xobni? I realize you looked on with jealousy as >50% of my LinkedIn activity was through Xobni but I brought professional *to* you using them. Now you are just another data silo that I used to respect.

My social graph is in the hands of for-profit companies: LinkedIn for my professional life, Facebook for my personal life, and Twitter for the vast gray area in the middle. My social graph is not under my control. I’m ready to change that but haven’t found a mature-enough solution. Hopefully Tent will grow up in the next year or so and projects will begin to use this amazingly useful protocol.

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