OmniFocus and Omni Sync Server

The Omni blog on Omni Sync Server:

We definitely have some ideas for a great new OmniFocus feature or two involving OSS. We also have plans to use it more and more for all of our document-based apps (see: everything else), and will move away from importing/exporting and over to syncing of documents.

OmniFocus is the most-used application that I own and I use it to plan and execute on every aspect of my life. As I’ve mentioned before, I use all three OmniFocus apps: iPad,  iPhone, and Mac.The sync feature of Omni Sync Server means they all stay synced. Unless there is an outage but those are very rare in my experience and have never impacted my work. Sync just works.

Sync is going to become modus operandi as we advance further into a life of mobile apps. In the Apple ecosystem, iCloud will help developers implement this but creating your own and managing your own hardware has some distinct advantages since you control.

I hard hardly wait to see what the Omni ninjas are building into OmniFocus 2.


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