Proper Process Compiling from Code

Pro tip: Here is the correct syntax for compiling LANSA processes and functions from code. Replace RENPGMR with a job queue from your box.

Note #1: Yes, the Allow Debug / Remove Program Observability parm is YESYES, one word. For some strange reason, the built-in function requires these two parameters to be sent as a single six character parameter.

Note #2: The second half of this parm (Remove Program Observability) is incorrectly named and should really be “MAKE Program Observable”. YES = the program will be made observable. NO = the compiler will strip observability from the program. We want it to be observable.

[codesyntax lang=”objc”]

define field(#@proc) reffld(#process)
define field(#@func) reffld(#function)
def_list name(#@funclist) fields(#@func)

use builtin(compile_process) with_args(#@proc #@funclist #@proc RENPGMR QBATCH QDPOUTQ YES NO NO NO NO YESYES NO NO NO NO NO) to_get(#$RETCODE)


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