I get to build Enterprise Applications for a living and love what I do.

It’s a lot like playing with LEGO bricks while also having access to a foundry for LEGO bricks. I get to design the pieces so they fit the odd angles and the difficult transitions that are prolific in the Enterprise. This career comes with magnificent challenges which my brain loves to tackle. Maybe you can relate.

Then there are the mosquitoes. The annoyances that produce a barely perceptible buzzing that eventually drives me freaking CRAZY! Like the proxy server.

My iPad is integrated into all aspects of my life. Tasks and project management live there as does my information repository. Those two apps account for most of my iPad usage. The important points here are that the apps are native, not web, and that my iPad connects to the wireless network at work.

This matters because the proxy server at work, for some reason unknown to me, severs the connection after a random period of time if I am not using a web browser. The red exclamation mark announces that it is time to traverse the well-worn path to the web browser, tap three to five times on the annoyingly small refresh button until it finally stops smirking at me and refreshes. (It is not that hard to increase the hit region for the refresh button!) This mundane action miraculously reconnects my frayed connection and I am able to return to productivity. This pilgrimage is revisited a dozen or two times each day. I liken this to having a sliver in the tip of your finger while typing all day long.

So how does a builder of tools reduce this annoyance? By building a tool, of course.

Here is a link to the refresh page hosted here at Stellarwell. It is a simple page with a big ‘ol refresh button sitting in the middle. If you’d like to use it, feel free but I made it for me. It is my home page in the Terra web browser. Not Safari. Because when the proxy server DOES ask for authentication (a mere half-a-dozen times each day), entering the information is faster in Terra. The mosquito still buzzes. Just not as loudly.

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