Evernote Acquires Skitch

Do you use Evernote as your information repository? Do you ever take pictures of white boards or hand-drawn diagrams and then mark them up?

I do and am quite excited about Evernote bringing Skitch into their family. I use and like both products.

As Skitch users will attest, this is one of the most innovative, easy-to-use applications available on Mac. We’re going to keep it that way. We are committed, not only to making the Skitch Mac app more awesome, but also to bringing Skitch to every desktop and mobile platform under the sun. In addition, in the coming months, you’ll see tighter integration between Evernote and Skitch to let you easily draw, ink, grab screenshots, annotate and share your favorite memories.

The Android version has already been released!

via OmMalik

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