The iPad 2 Smart Cover

Ben Brooks of The Brooks Review and Marco Arment’s review have both reviewed the Smart Cover after months of use. Since my solution is slightly different, I’d like to add my two cents.

Back Protection

I knew from day one that I wanted both the front and the back of the iPad to be protected. After researching everything I could find, I decided on the Smart Cover with a separate purchase of a back protector. I ended up choosing the enki Genius Case in Smoke.

If you set the iPad down on its’ back enough times, it will get scratched. The back protector has been a great bodyguard. The scratches, or more rightfully gouges, this case has taken in defense of my gadget is admirable.  It is amazing the damage a grain of sand can cause.


Many people say they feel the need to remove the Smart Cover when snapping pictures and video. Folding the cover in half while leaving it on seems to work just fine for me.


I’ve heard awful stories (like Marco’s) about the leather versions not staying true to their color very long. My flat-gray polyurethane cover is still flat-gray and is easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

The cover does leave lines on the screen but I see it from the inverse perspective.  Cleaning a few lines is much easier than cleaning the whole screen. I went to the local dollar store and stocked up on three microfiber cleaning cloths and put them everywhere I work for long periods of time. I’m a bit OCD about fingerprints on the screen so it gets a good cleaning a few times each day.

The combination of the Smart Cover with back protection is one that let’s me get productive use out of the iPad without stressing about keeping it pristine.

If I were purchasing now, I would look to see if someone has combined both front and back protection into one connected unit with cover magnets. There was one when I did my research but it did not have magnets in the cover.

I want my magic, thank you very much.


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