Thoughts on the WWDC 2011 Keynote

There was a ton of information presented at the WWDC keynote this year. Here is my take at a very high level.


The replacement for MobileMe can’t come too quickly for our family. The goal of iCloud is to replace your computer as your digital hub.  Your computer is demoted to become just one of the devices that has access to your data. They are making it very appealing at the outrageous cost of free.

Having access to your documents from anywhere and on all of your devices will be a welcome change. I use Dropbox currently but, unfortunately, do not have access to this from my work network.

Will iCloud kill Windows? I doubt it but it will certainly become decreasingly important in our personal lives over time.


The Back to the Mac theme continues with Lion as more iOS-like features like additional multi-touch gestures and full-screen apps make their way to the desktop. And using apps instead of applications. Launchpad brings the iOS home screen to your computer.

Applications open exactly as you closed them. Same documents open. Same cursor position. Everything.  Just like iOS.

Documents are automatically saved so you don’t have to perform that task.  And each time it saves, it remembers how the document changed from the last save.  You can go back in time and review all of those versions.

You are giving a presentation and want to give someone the slide deck. How do you copy the file? AirDrop allows you to send it wirelessly.

Mail in Lion looks just like Mail on the iPad.

Mission Control gives you an overview of everything open on your computer.  I currently use Spaces and it works OKAY but Mission Control will show me EVERYTHING.

Normally Apple charges $129 for OS upgrades. Lion will be $29 on the Mac App Store.  I’ll be there.

iOS 5

Here are the features I currently care about:

  • WiFi Sync will allow my kids to sync their devices without requiring the octopus of sync cables coming out of my computer.
  • How many times have I missed a notification by unlocking the phone? Notification Center will let you see all of your notifications.
  • The camera can be used without unlocking the device and contains more robust photo editing.  Hopefully this means fewer missed shots when the kids do something crazy. Because it is the KIDS who do crazy things.
  • iMessage will allow me to communicate with my family from one central location.
  • Formatted text in Mail means that ability to emphasize.
  • AirPlay mirroring for iPad 2 is going to be an unsung hero in my opinion.

In the words of Shawn Blanc, “It’s as if iOS 5 was built with 4 years of listening behind it.”  As an iOS developer, I look forward to playing around with many of these features.

It is a great time to own Apple devices.

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