Managing Life with OmniFocus

OmniFocus is changing my life for the better.

That is a pretty bold statement, right? How can that possibly be true? Simple.

I trust it.

Tasks no longer get lost or forgotten in my email inbox. Everything is there: family, home, job, consulting, church, school, and all the rest. On occasion, I still find pockets of to do items that haven’t made it there like the pile of sticky notes in the desk drawer or a pad of paper with home maintenance tasks under a box in the basement. I now immediately put them into OmniFocus and throw away the paper.

Capturing tasks. Check.

Next stressor to tackle: Managing this huge and intimidating “stuff I need to do” pile. My default behavior is to assign due dates to tasks I am working on.  It feels familiar yet wrong. Spending 15 minutes each morning reassigning due dates can’t be the right method. Most of the pile is not due at any one point in time. Those tasks just need progress until they get completed. Time to break out David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” and see if I can get past chapter 1 this time.

All three versions of the app stay in sync using the newly minted Omni Sync Server. It just works.  Which is great since I’ve canceled MobileMe.

In future posts, I will continue to talk about my successes and failures with organizing life.

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