Replacing the iPhone 3G

I married well.  Really well. One of the life lessons that I continue to learn from my beautiful bride is how to stretch a dollar. (Jensen Life Lesson: “Every PENNY counts!”) We buy low. We sell high. We keep our gadgets until they’ve done more than earn their keep.

The month that the iPhone 3G came out, we were months past the point of needing new phones and bought two. (Jensen Life Lesson: Never purchase a first generation device.) The phones have been good devices and have transformed how we keep in touch and manage the family but after three years they are showing their age. Like not allowing us to answer an incoming call. Or not ringing the phone at all and sending the caller directly to voice mail. Due to some health issues in the family, my wife must be accessible at all times so she needed a new phone.

So what do we purchase for her? We were toying with the idea of an iPhone 3GS for $49 instead of going to the iPhone 4 at $199. CHEAP, I tell you! After doing the math on how long they’d last, though, the iPhone 4 was the obvious choice. I called the local AT&T store to see what they had in stock and found out that they carry the HTC Incredible which is a BETTER phone than the iPhone. It must be because that is what the sales dude said. Not “we have options for you” but “this is a better phone”! Yes, he really said those words. And I hung up laughing with my brain quoting the line: “I would not SAY such things if I were you!” (Jensen Life Lesson: Watch The Princess Bride until you can quote every line. It WILL come in handy.)

My wife planned a trip to that same AT&T store the next day. I told her to feel free to call the sales person an idiot if he said such things again. She asked asked to be upgraded to the iPhone 4. As the dude was going into his sales pitch for non-Apple devices, she told him that her husband is an Apple guy and that she didn’t have a choice.  Which has me on the floor howling in laughter and wiping tears from my eyes. For those not aware, I married a strong and confident woman who inquires and listens but then makes up her own mind. She left with an iPhone 4.

What to do with the old phone?

This is the easy part. We have four kids in grade school and the two oldest each purchased the newest iPod touch. The younger two are saving. So #3 is going to purchase this iPhone turned iPod and is so excited you can feel it from the next room. He gets to own one now instead of a year from now! He asked me to install zombies, car racing, and Beluga (our family communications platform). No Angry Birds? Interesting.

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