What Do You Do?

When someone asks what you do, what is your answer?

When asked about my profession, I often tell people that I am a software architect and that I use the LANSA tool set. Then I point them to my LinkedIn profile. The problem is that I’ve told them my professional title and the tools I use but I did not answer their question. I didn’t tell them what I DO.

Chew on this for a few minutes. When you are at your best and after blinking back into reality after hours of being in the zone, what did you accomplish?

Here are a few examples from my career.

A client wants to use the new LANSA tools and language but it is impossible using their old architecture. They asked me to replace the tracks while the train is in motion. Updating architecture is one area of passion for me! I succeed at high-profile, risky projects that update the development architecture. This gives my clients options they didn’t have before.

There is a code search utility over the proprietary LANSA data store that has produced complete and thorough results for more than ten years.  It is solid and, most importantly, it is trusted. I created that. Building utilities that remove frustration from the lives of other developers makes me happy.

Most developers have learned nuggets of wisdom over the years and as a seasoned LANSA developer, I have my share. I enjoy sitting with developers and passing those nuggets around. It is like playing professional Mancala. I mentor.

What do YOU do?

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