RDMLX Does Not Require Multilingual

Huh, what do you know.  I just assumed that RDMLX-enabling a partition would require the partition to be multilingual.  I was wrong.  It doesn’t.

This is a big deal because once the partitions are made multilingual, all file IOMs and all functions must be recompiled in order to bake in the multilingual goodness.  There is much hand-wringing when there are a couple thousand files and many thousands of functions to be compiled.  Not only will it take a fair amount of time but there is a high level of perceived risk when many of the objects were last compiled in 1998.  I know, right?  How many of those does your system have?

The risk doesn’t go away but the two issues are now decoupled.  Throwing the RDMLX switch in a partition can happen prior to making it multilingual.

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